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    Get to Know GCCC

    Opening in 2020, Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center is the first comprehensive cancer center of Concord Medical. The hospital was developed with the support of Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Guangzhou Concord aims to be southern China’s premier cancer care destination. The center will specialize in proton therapy, and provide patients with comprehensive, evidence-based, and personalized cancer care.

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    Comprehensive Cancer Care

    Our commitments to patients and families are professional expertise, advanced technologies, and international quality standards. Under the support of multidisciplinary teams, Guangzhou Concord will offer improved clinical outcomes and quality of life through comprehensive care plans designed to meet each individual patient’s needs.

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    Join us in the fight against cancer!

    Guangzhou Concord not only offers a career but a lifetime opportunity of learning, innovation, and professional growth. Join us in the commitment of advancing cancer care in China and elevating the quality of every patient’s life.

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    Our Vision

    We will lead the advancement of cancer care delivery in China, distinguished by our comprehensive and person-centered service, contributions to research and technology development, and excellent outcomes.

    Comprehensive Cancer Care

    • Radiation Oncology

    • Medical Oncology

    • Surgical Oncology

    • Advanced Diagnostics

    • Local and International Clinical Trials

    An integrated care plan formulated by multidisciplinary teams.

    Proton Therapy

    The Next Generation of Precision Radiotherapy

    Proton therapy uses high energy proton beams whose physical properties enable a concentrated amount of radiation doses to be delivered to cancer. This treatment
    significantly improves the protection of normal tissues and organs, thus leading to fewer radiation-induced side effects.

    News and Events

    We Can Overcome Cancer Together!

    Share with us any thoughts on how we can deliver better care. Leave a Message
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