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    Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center

    Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center (GCCC) is an advanced cancer hospital of mixed ownership. It is created by the partnership between Concord Medical Group (“CCM”) and Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center (“SYSUCC”), and is designed and built under the guidance of MD Anderson Cancer Center (“MDACC”). During its construction phase, the Center gains wide supports from government and various investment institutions, including CICC supervised by the Ministry of Finance and CITIC.

    Situated in Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (“SSGKC”), one of Guangzhou’s newest modern development district, GCCC is built in strict compliance with domestic tertiary hospital standards and internationally advanced medical institution standards. It is committed to building a medical high ground providing patient-centered experience and delivering MDT service in strict compliance with international diagnosis and treatment standard. After its operation, there will be over 400 beds and more than 800 medical staff in service. Its aim is to build an international cancer center specializing in cancer diagnosis and treatment, prevention, research, training and telemedicine in Guangzhou to benefit all cancer patients.

    In 2010, GCCC was approved to be shortlisted in the "Top 500 Modern Industry Projects of Guangdong Province". In 2012, it was approved to be built and set medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiotherapy (including proton radiotherapy) and other clinical services with an investment of over 3 billion yuan. It targets to open in 2021.

    • Our Mission

      We inspire hope, elevate life, and overcome cancer by our excellence in care, passion for service, valued collaborations, and promotion of innovation, discovery and learning.

    • Our Vision

      We will lead the advancement of cancer care delivery in China, distinguished by our comprehensive and person-centered service, contributions to research and technology development, and excellent outcomes.

    • Our Values

      Collaboration    Accountability    Respect    Empathy

    • Hospital Design

      In collaboration with The Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design, GCCC was designed by HKS, Inc., a world-renowned American architecture firm experienced in hospital projects. The hospital’s interior design was provided by HDR International, Inc. The hospital's design integrates advanced healthcare space principles and human-centered design perspectives to create better patient care and staff work experience. It also features the use of natural lighting and energy conservation elements, creating a harmonious mix of modern design elements with southern China’s Lingnan architecture.

      The center's phase I construction commenced in February 2017 and the hospital is scheduled to open during 2020.

      Construction Facts:

      Total land area:

      50 acres

      Total construction area:

      108,726 sq. m or 1,169,913 sq. ft (Phase I: 40,000 sq. m or 430,556 sq. ft)

      Inpatient Beds:

      400 beds (Phase I: 66 beds)

      Phase I Key Features:

      ·Full suite of comprehensive cancer care services including disease-expert consultations, specialized pharmacy, imaging, pathology and laboratory testing, in addition to oncologic nursing expertise.
      ·Single occupancy inpatient rooms. VIP suites.
      ·Full complement of diagnostic imaging services, including CT, MRI, in addition to PET-CT and PET-MR. State-of-the-art treatment technologies including proton therapy, linear accelerators, high-dose rate brachytherapy, and a surgical theater featuring the da Vinci Surgical System.

    • Founder

      Concord Medical Services Holdings Ltd.

      Concord Medical Services Holdings Ltd. (CCM) is a provider of professional medical services, focusing on cancer diagnostics and radiation therapy services, cancer ambulatory clinics, and comprehensive cancer centers. Partnering with local hospitals, CCM has co-developed dozens of diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy centers in a number of provinces and cities across China, collectively diagnosing and treating over a million cancer patients. With another five under construction, CCM has three operational medical institutions located in China and Singapore. CCM was founded in 1997 and achieved listing on New York Stock Exchange in 2009.

    • Clinical Advisers

      Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center

      Established in 1964 to provide cancer care, research, education and prevention, Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center (“SYSUCC”) is among the largest comprehensive cancer centers in China. The center plays a leading role in the nation’s cancer prevention and control efforts, particularly in the southern China region, including Hong Kong and Macau. SYSUCC also has an expansion hospital project in the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City. Their new hospital covers a land area of 49,664 m2, a total construction area of 104,828 m2, and 500 inpatient beds. This expansion project has been constructed under SYSUCC’s four guiding principles of “advanced technology, high-end equipment, beautiful environment, and compassionate care services.” The vision is to provide high quality cancer care to local and international patients based on SYSUCC’s clinical, research, and management expertise.

      Since 2010, GCCC has partnered with SYSUCC. Together, they are developing China’s leading proton therapy center, which will facilitate innovation in clinical care and cancer research. Supported by SYSUCC’s expertise in patient care, clinical discipline development, and education, GCCC has prepared a successful environment for excellence in all aspects of clinical care.

      The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

      Established in 1941, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (“MDACC”) is a world-renowned institution in cancer treatment, research, education and prevention. The mission of MDACC is to eradicate cancer in Texas, the United States, and in the world. Through outstanding programs which integrate clinical care, research, prevention and education, MDACC is an international expert in cancer care delivery, research program development, and hospital operations management. It has been ranked as America’s top hospital for cancer care several times by U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals” survey.

      Beginning 2015, CCM and MDACC entered into a series of consultative agreements for the development of comprehensive cancer hospitals in China and Singapore.

    • President’s Message

      We have common goals: alleviate pain, save lives and protect patient's quality of life. Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center is the platform where we can create unlimited possibilities. No matter the challenges ahead, with the wisdom and passion from all walks of life, we bravely set sail in the journey of conquering cancer. A better tomorrow begins with the efforts of today.

      Chao-Nan (Miles) Qian MD,PhD.
      President, Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center
      Professor, Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center
      Principal Investigator, State Key Lab of Oncology in South China
      Sr. Associate Editor, Cancer Communications

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