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    Articles of Association of Guangzhou Zhengxin Charity Foundation

    Chapter One   General Provisions

    Article 1 The name of this foundation is Guangzhou Zhengxin Charity Foundation.

    Article 2 This foundation is a non-public fundraising foundation, which raises funds through targeted fundraising.

    Article 3 The purpose of this foundation: on the premise of abiding by the national constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, and abiding by social morals and customs, gather the wisdom and goodwill of all walks of life, raise funds, promote the development of medical education, and help poor patients to seek medical treatment. Create a medical and humanistic highland and make unremitting efforts for the health and well-being of the people.

    The foundation carries out public welfare activities in accordance with its purpose, actively assumes social responsibilities, follows the principles of legality, voluntariness, integrity, and non-profitability, does not falsify, abides by the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, practices socialist core values, and abides by social ethics Fashion, safeguard national security, safeguard the public interest of society and the legitimate rights and interests of others.

    Article 4 The original fund amount of the foundation is RMB 2 million, which is derived from voluntary donations of Guangzhou Taihe Cancer Hospital Co., Ltd., which are all legal donations.

    Article 5 The residence of the foundation: Room 1808, Dongzhao Building, No. 515 Dongfeng Middle Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

    Article 6 The registration and management authority of this foundation is Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau.

    Chapter II Scope of Business

    Article 7 The business scope of the foundation's charitable activities:

    (1) Subsidizing children with tumors to seek medical treatment

    Actively develop cooperation with social and children's organizations, use proton therapy to accurately target cancer cells, and have the advantages of small impact on surrounding tissues, painless and non-invasive, and subsidize children's tumor patients with family difficulties to seek medical treatment;

    (2) Funding all kinds of poor cancer patients to seek medical treatment

    Bringing together social forces, raising pension funds, coordinating the resources of domestic first-class cancer hospitals such as Zhongshan Cancer Hospital and Guangzhou Taihe Cancer Hospital, and assisting poor cancer patients who cannot afford treatment costs to receive advanced therapies such as proton therapy;

    (3) Provide scholarships and bursaries for medical students from poor families

    Establish close ties with Sun Yat-sen University and other schools, pay attention to the study and life of poor students, and provide assistance to poor students in the form of scholarships and grants to solve practical difficulties;

    (4) Carry out public welfare medical services and publicity

    In response to the public's weak awareness of tumor prevention, which has often developed to the middle and late stages when discovered, we mobilize all parties in the medical industry to cooperate with government departments to actively carry out public welfare medical services and publicity such as tumor screening and tumor prevention science. Starting from the grassroots community, strengthen the prevention and treatment of cancer;

    (5) Funding medical staff to participate in medical education

    Responding to the predicament that China does not have the professional training conditions for proton radiotherapy, subsidize the medical staff of the radiotherapy department to receive systematic training to benefit the majority of cancer patients;

    (6) Funding other public welfare activities in line with the purpose of the foundation.

    The foundation carries out public welfare activities in strict accordance with the approved constitution, and the activities do not exceed the business scope stipulated in the constitution, and are open and transparent. Laws, regulations and rules clearly stipulate that activities that can only be carried out with the approval of relevant departments shall be approved in accordance with the law.

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